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Real Estate Services

Residential Properties

Remcor Group has what it takes to move your residential properties fast. We use state of the art, new marketing techniques, that will help your property get the exposure it needs to sell. If you are a buyer, then our MLS search options will help you find the property that is for you. In this tough market, you need REALTORS® that can give you the services you deserve.

Broker Price Opinion / Financial Analysis

REMCOR Group assists lenders and borrowers in assigning current market values to their commercial real estate assets through Broker’s Price Opinions (BPO’S) using market data, financial analysis and asset abstraction techniques. REMCOR Group utilizes its extensive real estate and capital experience to gain insight into the market value of each asset. REMCOR Group’s focus is providing an accurate assessment of each asset in an effort to provide guidance in the positioning of the asset in the market. Through proper positioning, clientele can maximize their return on each asset. REMCOR Group will also provide a detailed financial, market analysis and physical analysis of a real estate asset. Reports will be generated on an as needed basis to ensure that the asset quality does not deteriorate. We re-underwrite assets on an individual basis through the utilization of:

• Current Market Indices
• Micro and Macro Economic Factors
• Market Fundamentals
• Credit Worthiness
• CMSA Underwriting Guidelines

Upon evaluating each asset, we prepare a concise Financial Report outlining the final underwriting conclusions. This asset summary allows REMCOR Group to formulate an effective strategy for the asset including but limited to long-term holding, deed in lieu, and quick sale. In circumstances requiring deeper analysis, REMCOR Group also provides:

• Cash-flow Modeling and Analysis
• Comparative Market Survey
• Comparable Sales Study

Commercial Loan Workouts

REMCOR Group acts as an advocate in all commercial loan workouts. WE are very experienced and successful in negotiating modifications for all types of commercial loans including the following:

• Large National Banks
• Community Banks
• Commercial Mortgage Backed Security (CMBS) Loans
• Life Company
• Fannie Mae
• Freddie Mac

Each type of lender requires a different workout strategy. Prior to engaging in negotiations with a borrower, REMCOR Group completes an initial screening phase that commences with a strategy session with our client. Following the strategy session, a full analytical analysis of the project is completed including the necessary due diligence required to prepare a workout plan. At that point, quantum Initiates loan modification negotiations with the lender. These tactical strategies, combined with REMCOR Group’s reputation and industry experience, afford our high rate of success. REMCOR Group’s contacts, knowledge and experience in the CMBS world offer a higher probability of success. Successful outcomes of a loan workout include but are not limited to, extended periods of interest only payments in lieu of principle and interest, partial or temporary forbearance, restructured terms, waiver of accumulated fees and penalties, or discounted payoffs.

REMCOR Group’s Real Estate team have had extensive experience in negotiating workout solutions as both lender and borrower. This provides for a unique approach to the negotiating process. We will also work in conjunction with attorneys in preparing and negotiating a workout solution for a borrower. We can provide the necessary experience witness testimony and analysis that is often times required for bankruptcy reorganization.

REO Market Experience

Remcor Group is a company of real estate professionals with over 30 years experience, from the banking industry, Residential, Commercial and business services, who have a great deal of working experience in the REO market. We have established relationships, combined our resources and our work ethic to do what it takes to get exclusive information about REO properties for our clients.

Broker who have investor clients, we welcome you. However, If you wish your clients to buy from us, we will require a fully executed fee agreement sent to us and verifiable with your buyer.

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